by Shy and the Fight

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The Living E.P is partly a re-release of the shy and the Fight Self-Titled E.P
With better quality mixes of the very early release and two additional songs ('living' and 'Aim Low, My Friend')

It is also the only one of the two still available as a physical purchase


released August 11, 2010

All music and words Written and performed by Shyandthefight
Produced, mixed and mastered by Gary Lloyd
Additional vocals
-Meg Myatt
-Chemistry Lane
pedal steel on 'Specks of Blue'
-Simon Hunter
Accordion on 'Prayer for the Faithless'
-David Greenald



all rights reserved


Shy and the Fight UK

'They're a multi-legged, multi-instrumented scramble up the precipitous slopes of 20-something hearts, driven along by melodies that'd tan your backside if you dared to flag. There's nothing to buck trends here"
-Adam Thomas Walton BBC Wales
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Track Name: How to Stop an Imploding Man
Last night I had a dream
That I woke up and looked out the window
and it was dark and off in the distance
I saw some cars
they were burning
the flames lit the skies up above
as the streets filled with blood
and all of my friends were all sporting fangs
and at first I was scared
but then I just smiled
and put on my coat
Thought finally something to leave the house for

To all my friends or shall we just say acquaintances
you took my love and then you turned it to hatred
maybe I'll see you when you get home
maybe I'll see you when you get home

this town needs something catastrophic
to wake it up
so we're waking the dead
and we'll feed on the innocence
because the innocence just got so dull and boring

And C this city is driving me crazy
Hate the hate is rising up inside me
and Everyone
'Round them
you can't keep a secret your just not allowed them

I'm do scared of growing up
but I'm more scared of dying alone
so if I wind up getting comfortable and settling down
then I hope that this isn't my home

So maybe I'll see you when you get home
Track Name: Specks of Blue
The sun has hid it's head
behind the clouds in shame
he came to visit you
but he'd forgot your name
oh how you've changed
your frowns they formed the wrinkles
and they filled up with rain
now this green planet's been stained with specks of blue

the billboard on the side of the business man's house
says evil has no name
whilst the man inside the television
says we're the ones to blame
one and all the same
now god and the devil have finished with their game
'cus the prize once green's been stained with specks of blue
Track Name: Living
It seems strange just sitting here watching you fall asleep
so I'm thinking of leaving just so you can get some peace
and I've seen so many people but I've not heard one of them speak
seems we're all keeping it down just to hear you breath

they say silence is golden
but no amount of wealth
can ever make up for an absence of health
so I'll make as much noise as I can without leaving my seat

I've never been more unaware of the presence of light
as it fills up the room and embodies the absence of life
and this bed is the vessel that holds our attentions so tight
as the same unspoken dialogues carry us into the night

so with your arms in the air shout I'm not afraid to die
with your arms in the air shout i'm not afraid to die
and with your friends by your side
can we keep you alive
for one last moment to remember you by

We'll all be going home alone tonight
We'll all be going home alone tonight
Track Name: Prayer for the Faithless
did you grow up too fast when you came home that day
found out that your parents didn't know everything
called you in a room
just to watch her die
I bet you never thought you'd see your father cry
well I know it's not perfect
but hey that's life
and you'll wake up one day
and see everything is going to be alright

did you spend sleepless nights thinking about a girl
you'll never get to tell her that she meant the world
feel a fist to the face
the fucker stands over you
you cower in shame just like you always do
and I know it sounds cliché
but hey that's life
and you'll wake up one day
and see everything is going to be alright

did it kill you inside when they laughed at you
you were only trying to get them on to something new
but no one's ever gonna listen to a single word you have to say
forget the all they've got their own problems
just remember that one day we will all be okay

well how about today
how about today
Track Name: Aim Low, My Friend
a short lived faith
a short lived song
a short lived life
that's been lived wrong
and if I could make it last that long
then i would
Track Name: Dear ST. Peter Thomas Doubts Again
I'm not a god fearing man
I'm scared of nothing
the nothing that awaits
when I'm laid down
and there was two good souls
once touched by the devil
one called himself pride
and the others name was shame
they didn't even ask my name
they just said please you be aware that in dreams
we learn more about ourselves than life could ever teach
so please God don't send me to sleep